Yemi Alade is one artist whose rise up the ladder has been steady over the past few years. She has also has a clearly defined sense style which has won her quite a few awards.

A key part of her style is her hair-they are always a statement! She recently admitted that she does not like brazillian hair hence she weaves her hair and put whatever artistic “item” she feels like rocking for the occasion on it.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best of them- Enjoy!

Yemi Alade Nigerian Musician
Look 1
Yemi Alade "Johnny Crooner" blue hair
Look 2
Yemi Alade during interview
Look 3
Yemi Alade in purple hair
Look 4
Yemi Alade in Johnny Video
Look 5
Yemi Alade with Simple Hairstle
Look 6

Yemi Alade in Kissing Video

Look 7
Look 8


Yemi Alade in Purple Braids
Look 9
Yemi Alade in Tangerine Videa
Look 10

What look is your favourie?



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