What Type of Shoe is That Again? Find Out Here!

Has there been a time when you wanted to describe a fashion item and wasn’t sure what the name was?

I have had such moments a lot! Like-

Me trying hard to explain -“It was like a wrapping skirt but not quite

My bewildered friend “You mean like asymmetrical

Me “Something like that but not really

My friend, rolling her eyes so bad its almost running into her head “Then what is it now! It should have a name

Me “I know it was wrappy you know and kind of cute. Lets google it- oops I don’t know the name

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Well, all that is about to end- because today we are going through 7 days of some really good education.

Don’t worry! It won’t be boring- its just me searching for the best infographics and bringing them to you one everyday for the next seven.

By the time we are done- you won’t have to grasp for words anymore!

Today we are doing shoes.This infographic is courtesy- Enjoy and learn!



Image Credit: Fashioninfographic.com

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