What to Wear To Work: Three No-Nos

We always want to look good for the office, but sometimes we get it wrong. Keeping these tips will go a long way in helping us get it right all the time!

Too Much Make-Up

Wearing t much make-up to the office
Make-Up is good, but too much is bad. Over-made up eyes, shockingly bright red lips etc. send the wrong signal. Never ever wear evening make-up to the office.
Not sure if it’s too much? – Read this article to find out.
Too Much Jewellery

Wearing to much jewelry to the office
Too much jewellery is a major jewellery faux paux. If it’s distracting, noisy or confusing to the eyes, then it is wrong.
Remember simplicity is the greatest sophistication.
Too Revealing Clothes
See through clothes, boobs jiggling in public views and panties just out of reach are a no-no for the office. Dressing like a sex kitten may get you faster service at the grocery store, but it won’t earn the respect of your co-workers, especially in a corporate environment.

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Side Tip– sexy is not the same as revealing- you can look sexy without being revealing- ask the guys.

General Side-Tip: There are always exceptions to these rules!Whatever choice you decide to make, keep your company culture in mind, it’s what counts the most.

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