Viktoria Modesta is a 28 year old Latvian singer-songwriter and model. She is an amputee.

Her condition was due to a doctor’s negligence when she was 12 years old which led to her undergoing a voluntary below the knee leg amputation to improve her mobility and safeguard her health

Her physicality has become known for challenging the modern perception of altered beauty.

Viktoria Modesta

Ours is a society where amputees are sometimes seen as incapable of living a normal fulfilled life. Upon research and scrutiny, we found out that 95% of the time this limitation is a result of the amputee’s feeling of low self-worth. This in turn affects their productivity and in turn affects the way the society sees them. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken by the amputees themselves.

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This is what Viktoria Modesta is successfully doing.

In May 2010, Moskalova was selected as one of the six best unsigned artists in the UK by Evo Music Room.

Since then she has moved up higher, releasing a video has performed alongside star acts like Coldplay.

The beautiful thing about her is the way she wears her condition.

Her confidence has led hundreds of thousands of people to reach higher and live the lives they desire  no matter the condition they may have.

According to Viktoria Modesta, “I have never felt comfortable thinking of myself as disabled and this has inspired me to actively challenge old-fashioned views. I’m hoping to set new principles in music and fashion, to rip up the rule book and develop a more empowering example of what it means to be a musician, model and artist.”

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Remember, beauty is what you call it, don’t let it anyone tell you otherwise:)

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