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Thando Hopa: The Lady with Albinism Changing the Way the World Sees Beauty

Thando Hopa

Thando Hopa is a South African model and Public prosecutor with the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). Interesting combination I must say.

She has albinism- a genetic condition where people are born without the usual amount of melanin in their bodies. Melanin is the chemical that is responsible for eye, skin, and hair color.

Thando Hopa is a confident young woman who has decided to use the platform of modelling to help young girls who may have the same condition but due to societal circumstances feel inferior.


In Africa, people with albinism go through persecution and prejudice. In some countries like Tanzania and to an extent   Nigeria, they are hunted for ritual purposes because they are believed to possess powers that heal and enrich.

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Thando, because of her positive attitude and decision to feel comfortable in her uniqueness has drawn positive attention to herself both professionally and personally.


Here at The Plushist- we believe all colors and sizes are beautiful. Beauty is what you say it is- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!


Thando wraps it up nicely- “I now hope to be able to show that albinism can be beautiful and is just another kind of normal,”

Say this to yourself every morning- “I am beautiful, because I say I am.”

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Photo Credits: Justin Dingwall, Hannes Danzfuss and Bruce Cantrell.

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