Tess Holliday is a 30 year old plus size model.

One of the top plus-sized models in to world- her confidence in herself has pushed beauty boundaries and inspired millions of young girls with the message she preaches through her attitude and lifestyle.

Women constantly feel the need to look a certain way or size to feel beautiful.

Tess Holliday
Image Credit: Chelzea

Holliday is 5 feet 5 inches tall and dress size 22. She weighs 260 pounds. Guess what? She is fabulous!

In 2013 she started the movement #effyourbeautystandards on Instagram which has continued to inspire young girls and women around the world. #effyourbeautystandards is a movement that encourages your women to love themselves no matter what the world says about their looks.

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Tess Holliday is a mother and is happily engaged to successful Australian businessman

She lives a healthy life-Tess Holliday trains with a personal trainer four times a week, plus hikes and swims. She is an American and is based in Los Angeles.

Tess Holliday’s message to women that is that we do not have to be a certain size to love our bodies- big or small, we are beautiful!

Beauty is what you call it- don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!

Tess Holliday

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