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How to Rock the Side-Shaved Hair: Lessons from Lola OJ

How to Rock the Side-Shaved Hair: Lessons from Lola OJ

The hardworking founder of Blinx Lashes is one stylish young lady. Something about Lola OJ always reminds me of Eva. Is it the way she plays with her hair or her distinctive style? I can’t quite place my hands on it but one thing I know, the highlight Lola OJ’s style is her hair. She does extremely exciting stuff with that hair of hers. It’s fun to watch.

One signature style she plays around with is the side-shaved head. She shaves the sides of her hair and does a lot of fun and creative stuff. Let’s take a few lessons from some of them! Lets take a lesson in rocking the shaved hair from LOLA Oj .

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1. Go Minimalist!


Lola Oj shaved side head


2. Play with a little Purple at the Centre

Lola OJ side shaved head


3. Maybe a little Green

Side Shaved head


4. Braids dont hurt though…

Shaved side head with braids


5.  But Make the Sides Fun

lola oj


6. You can try two-toned Twists!

Shaved Side heads


7. Or Simply Make it Blonde


Shaved side head lola oj
8. Send a Message of Love with those pretty sides…


9. Pull an Anita Baker

Do an Anita Baker


10. Ghana Braids Rule!


ghana braids with side shaved head

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Biki

    August 14, 2015 at 10:44 am

    I love the way your blog introduces me to all these fly ladeeez. Lola’s cheekbones were made for this side buzz tingaling. Love her Anita Baker throwback and the way she rocks her braids into the mix! x

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