8 Times Rita Dominic Was So Gorgeous it Almost Hurt!

Rita Dominic is one of the most stylish divas in Nollywood. Every time she turns out for evens, her style is always on point!

These are ten looks of hers i just cannot get over!


1. Ultra sexy in blue and white!

Rita Dominic in Blue and white


2. She does swag like a boss!


Rita Dominic

3. Peach Queen!


Rita Dominic

4. Fuschia Pink Becomes Her…


Rita Dominic


5. Mono-sleeved Wonder!

Rita Dominic

6. When she killed this purple brocade!

Rita Dominic

7. When she hit the red carpet in all her turbaned glory!

Rita Dominic

8.One word-Capes!

Rita Dominic

Which look is your favorite?

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