Break Up With Nigerian Jollof Rice- Meet these 11 Hotter Jollof Rice Dishes

Break Up With Nigerian Jollof Rice- Meet these 11 Hotter Jollof Rice Dishes

Not everytime Nigerian jollof, take some time and see how hot jollof rice that is not Nigerian can be!
They are hot, sexy and tasty!1. Baked Jollof Rice By Elsa

Baked Jollof Rice by Elsa

Elsa adds a few interesting flavors to the mix.

Find recipe here


2.  Pepper and Stew’s Take on Jollof Rice

Pepper and Stew’s Take on Jollof Rice

Looks delicious.

Find recipe here


3.  Spicy chicken jollof rice according to Claire Williams


Spicy chicken jollof rice according to claire williams

Whollop Nigerian jollof, Whollop, Claire Williams cooks jollof rice really well!

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Find recipe here


4. Ghanian Jollof Rice by Femi Adesina

Ghana Jolllof Rice

Meet the Ghana Jollof rice that has been in competition with Nigerian jollof.

Find recipe here


5. West African Jollof Rice

West African Jollof Rice

Yes, there is a West African Jollof.Hi, West African Jollof.

Find recipe here


6. Ghanian Jollof Rice & Beef Kebab

Ghanaian Jollof Rice & Beef Kebab

Another Ghanaian jollof rice recipe from Kajal Tejsinghani

Find recipe here


7. Oldways Jollof Rice

Oldways Jollof Rice

Oldways lend their own twist to Jollof Rice

Find recipe here

8. Jamie’s Jollof Rice Recipe

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This is the infamous Jamie’s Jollof Rice that caused the #jollofgate saga last year

Find recipe here

9. Sierra Leonean Jollof Rice by Bintu

Jollof Rice by Bintu

This recipe is Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians. And yes, Sierra Leoneans do jollof rice too.

Find recipe here

10. Jollof Rice from Mali

Jollof Rice from Mali

Mali also

Find recipe here

11.West African Jollof Rice with Veggies

West African Rice with Veggies Jollof

Some people swear that the jollof rice should not be adulterated with veggies- This recipe by Sasha Martins proves otherwise.

Find recipe here

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12. Simple Jollof Rice By Evi
Evi teaches us how to make jollof rice in 5 easy steps

 Simple Jollof Rice By Evi

Find recipe here

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