MakeUp Tips! When Should You Discard That MakeUp?

Yes, beauty product go bad. However, like many other people , I’m terrible at tossing make-up- especially when its not finished. I would keep nail polishes till its practically unusable.

However no matter how attached we are to our make up, for hygienic and health reasons, its safe to discard of them at the right time. Leaving them for too long can lead to skin irritation and eye infections. The more your makeup is exposed the higher the more bacteria grow on it till it poses a threat to your health.

So how long should you hold on to your make up? The infographic will serve as a quick guide but keep these tips at the back of your mind-

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1. Treat Like Food: Does it smell weird?, look dodgy , changed colour or is gathering mould or tastes bitter(lip-gloss). Then something’s wrong. Toss it

2. When you open you make-up, write the date somewhere on it (where it wont get rubbed off) so you can easily keep track of how long you have been using .




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