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4 Simple Steps That’l Keep Your Lipstick Looking Fresh All Day Long

4  Simple Steps That'l Keep Your Lipstick Looking Fresh All Day Long

I used to one of those people who needs to reapply my lipstick about a zillion times a day as it seems to come off so quickly .

These tricks have helped me- you try them and see.

  1. Get a smooth pout:

Lipstick does not last if your lips are chapped dry, chapped, or cracked. Smoothen your lips by exfoliating with scrubs or even Vaseline. When you do this, you get a perfect canvass where your lipstick will stick on comfortably. Do this regularly.



  1. Use Lipliner:

Lipliner lays a good foundation for your lipstick. It would also stop your lipstick from feathering.



  1. Use a lip brush:
Lip Brush

Lip Brush

Using a brush allows the color to really get into the lip and helps it stay longer.

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An additional trick is to blot your lips a couple of times with a tissue. This would help press the colour into your lips. After that apply a final coat of lipstick.

  1. Set with Powder.:
    Try using a little light translucent powder on your lips to set it.

Lightly dust your lips with translucent powder then apply another layer of lipstick.

Try these tips and see if that lip color will not last all day!




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