Eight Mouth-Watering Dishes Cooked by Kemi Adetiba

Kemi Adedebita multi-talented. Not only is she a multiple  award-winning music video director, filmmaker, and television director, she is also an amazing cook. She recently took her foodie skills to a new level when she started a cooking vlog!

These are some of my favorite dishes by Kemi Adetiba- some were shared on her Instagram, others on her YouTube channel. My mouth is watering already!


1. Brioche and Butter Pudding

Brioche and butter pudding.


2. Creamy Bacon and Mushroom Powder

Creamy bacon & Mushroom Pasta


3. Fried Rice and Pork Chops

Fried Rice & Pork Chops


4. Sugar-Salt Fried Yam  with Spicy Mayo Sauce

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Sugar-Salt Fried Yam with Spicy Mayo Sauce


5. Jerk Pork with Mac & Cheese

Jerk Pork with Mac & Cheese


6. Rustic Mash & Roast Chicken Dish


Rustic Mash & Roast Chicken Dish


7. Nigerian Style Shepherd’s Pie

Nigerian Style Shepherd’s Pie


8. Salmon Over Carrot Sticks & Guacamole

Salmon, over carrot sticks and guacamole



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