This couple’s on fire!

IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales spare nothing in showing us they are madly in love with each other on social media. They have a cute kid and boy, do they look good together?

IK Ogbonna is a model and Nollywood actor.  According to Sonia Morales’ Google profile page, she is a “Life coach and relationship expert.” She has a blog where she gives all types of advice- from inspiration to Beauty, Pregnancy and Motherhood tips.

Maybe she could give us a hint into the reason her relationship looks so good? In her post titled “Tricks and secrets that will make him/her fall in love – get a man/woman you always wanted!” she tells us-

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“First and foremost: the foundation of every healthy, productive relationship and mutual honest love between two people is nothing but-self-love!”

Seems like her tip is working for her- the couple looks good together! – These are some of my favorite pictures of them!











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