IK Ogbonna & Sonia Morales: 10 Times They Gave Us Hot Couple Goals!


This couple’s on fire!

IK Ogbonna and Sonia Morales spare nothing in showing us they are madly in love with each other on social media. They have a cute kid and boy, do they look good together?

IK Ogbonna is a model and Nollywood actor.  According to Sonia Morales’ Google profile page, she is a “Life coach and relationship expert.” She has a blog where she gives all types of advice- from inspiration to Beauty, Pregnancy and Motherhood tips.

Maybe she could give us a hint into the reason her relationship looks so good? In her post titled “Tricks and secrets that will make him/her fall in love – get a man/woman you always wanted!” she tells us-

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“First and foremost: the foundation of every healthy, productive relationship and mutual honest love between two people is nothing but-self-love!”

Seems like her tip is working for her- the couple looks good together! – These are some of my favorite pictures of them!











I love The Plushist !

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