Best Hand Care Routine, 4 Tips & Reason Why It Is As Important As Face Care

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The reason why hand care routine is important is that your hands are the busiest part of your body and yet one of the most ignored too. You use your hands for pretty much everything, right from snoozing your alarm in the morning to pulling your blanket up at night. Isn’t it obvious then that you need to take care of your hands as much as you care for your face?

The good news is, it’s pretty easy to care for your hands. Unlike your face, they don’t demand a 10-step ritual. (Thank God!) Effective hand cream and gentle hand wash will keep your hands healthy and soft. Here are all the reasons why hand care is as important as face care.

  • Hands are the first to show signs of aging
  • A great handshake = a great first impression
  • It helps maintain healthy nails too
  • It helps heal damaged skin and prevent peeling
Anti-aging hand care routine

Reasons to have hand care routines

  1. No Hand care leads to a quick showing of signs of aging:
    Believe it or not, the skin on your hands is one of the first places to show signs of aging. The thin and delicate skin on the back of your hand is exposed to all sorts of environmental stressors that can cause premature aging. What’s more, constant washing also strips your hands of moisture. That’s why it’s important to use a gentle hand wash such as the Lux Bergamot & Mint Delight Hand Wash that will leave your hands soft and subtly scented.
  2. A great handshake equals a great first impression: The only thing worse than a dead handshake is a handshake with rough and dry skin. Imagine shaking hands with someone who has scaly and extremely dry hands. It makes you feel uncomfortable, right? In order to build a great first impression, soft and smooth hands are as important as a firm handshake. Keeping your hands nourished will prevent dryness and roughness too.
  3. It helps maintain healthy nails too:
    Good hand cream will not only moisturize your skin but benefit your cuticles too. Massaging your hands with a nourishing cream daily will give you stronger, longer and healthier nails. The Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hand Stronger Nails Hand Cream is light, non-sticky and gets absorbed easily into the skin, leaving you with visibly smoother hands and soft cuticles.
  4. It helps heal damaged skin and prevent peeling:
    Many hand creams and hand washes are formulated using natural ingredients such as coconut, almonds, and flowers that help heal your skin naturally. These deep nourishing ingredients seep into the layers of the skin to repair and heal it from within. The Dove Coconut Hand Cream is one such product that pampers your hands while repairing the damage. 
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Start Your Daily Hand care routine

Facial serums and anti-aging moisturizers have become a regular part of our skincare routines, but how many of us have hand cream for aging hands in our beauty cabinet? Sure, we may amp up our moisturizing game in the winter when cracked skin abounds, but we don’t exactly have a dedicated anti-aging hand care routine.

“Most people are well aware that they need to develop a proper skincare routine for their faces. This helps with prevention as well as minimizing the signs of aging. Sadly, our hands are often forgotten as part of any sort of regimen, which is part of the reason they show our age,” Lavian said. “The skin on the back of our hands is thinner than our face and other parts of our body, which make it more susceptible to wrinkles and sun damage.”

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Just like the skin on our face and neck, the skin on the back of our hands has its own unique set of needs.

“The hands have fewer sebaceous glands than the face. Sebaceous glands produce sebum, an oily substance that helps to protect the skin by keeping it lubricated and waterproof. This lack of abundant sebaceous glands makes the skin more prone to dryness,” Arthur said.

And when you think about it, you use your hands for just about everything — cooking, cleaning, typing, exercising, etc. — so they really do deserve a bit of extra TLC.

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