Bangs/Fringes are so much fun- they make your hair fuller, draw attention to your eyes and make your outfit look stylish

There are different styles of bangs- from the blunt bangs to asymmetrical bangs, from rounded bangs to side-swept bangs etc.

Side Tip: The trick is to find a style that fits your face- truth is that there is always a style of fringes to flatter any face shape.

Let these styles inspire you!

Look 1

Side-Cropped Bangs
Side-Cropped Bangs

Look 2

Long Bob Bangs
Long Bob

Look 3

Side Layered Bangs
Side Layered Bangs

Look 4

Side Swept Bangs
Side Swept Bangs

Look 5

Blunt Bangs
Blunt Bangs

Look 6
What look is your favourite?

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