How to Be a Fab Mum: Lessons From Adaeze Yobo

Adaeze Yobo is  wife to Joseph Yobo . They have two kids. Somehow, she continues to be fab through taking care of those kids and all. She makes you want to be a mum!

So how can you become a fab mum? Lets take tips from Adaeze Yobo

1. Pair a white shirt dress with sandals and show off your legs!


Adaeze Yobo in White shirt dress ad golden sandals

2.  A fab kid always makes a fab mum- don’t forget to dress up you kids!

Adaeze Yobo in JumpSuit
3.  Color-Coordinate with your kids

Adaeze Yobo

4. Make sure your nails are on point and don’t be scared to show some legs!

Shorts and Sneakers

5. When Pregnant , Wear Boots!

Adaeze Yobo

6. Red heads have more fun!

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Red Hairdo

7. A pair of Loubs is all you need to take over the world!

Adaeze Yobo

8. After that, just relax and have some fun 😉

Adaeze Yobo

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  • Beebee July 21, 2015 at 10:18 am

    Adaeze is really beautiful. She also married young sob its easy to keep up with fashion while being a Mum

  • FAshion karma July 21, 2015 at 10:30 am

    How did she wear heels when pregnant? Hot!