10 Eva Alordiah Hair Moments You’ll love- She is so Edgy!

Eva Alordiah Hairstyle Collage

Eva Alordiah is one Nigerian rapper who is a class of her own, not only has she got her flow tight, her style is unique and well defined. She leans towards the edgy and is never scared of taking risks.
Her hair! When it comes to her hair, she has a lot of fun.

Here are 10 of our favorite Eva hair moments!

Ev Alordiah

Style 1


Eva Alordiah

Style 2


Eva Alordiah

Style 3


Eva Alordiah

Style 4


Eva Alordiah Rocking her hair

Style 5


Style 6

Style 6


Style 8

Style 7


Style 8

Style 8


Style 9


Eva Alordiah Hair styles

Style 10

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