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Denim On Denim: How to Rock the Look!

Denim On Denim: How to Rock the Look!

Denim on denim was a trend in 2013, then it came back around in May/June 2015.Since then, it has stayed around. Now its really no longer a trend, its now a stylish way to express your sense of style when you feel like it.

So how do you wear denim? There are thousand and one ways! Contrary to first opinion, denims can be dressed up and down, depending on the look you set out for.

Whichever look you are trying to achieve, keep this rule at the back of your mind!

1. The Shoes Go a Long Way:

The shoes you decide to wear with your outfit goes a long way, so choose carefully! If you are trying to achieve an evening-out look (yes you can), then make sure you are wearing shoes that fit that theme. If your desired look is the rocker chic look, then you want to go for boots or sturdy shoes that fit that character. Once you find the  right shoes for the look, you’ll be surprised how fast your entire look gets transformed!

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2. The Jewelleries :

When it comes to denim on denim, I advocate  minimalism . If you insist on putting on jewelleries, make sure it goes with it overall look you are trying to achieve.

3. To Tuck in or Not to Tuck in?

The answer to that question is simple. Tucked Out is Super casual- is that the look you want? Then tuck out!.

4. Play with Colours:

The denims do not have to match- playing with different colours (& designs) is a refreshing way to achieve variety and spice up your outfit!

Check Out the different ways these divas are rocking theirs!

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how to wear denim on denim

Stella of J’Adore Fashion


how to wear denim on denim

Tumblr: Lovely and Brown


How to wear denim on denim


denim on denim, Cowgirl look

Source: Opiid Fashion


denim on denim








Mocheddah in Denim on Denim



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