Want to Rock the Danshiki Style? Here’s Some Style Inspiration


Love Ankara? You probably love the or danshiki style too! Ignore the spelling. The danshiki styles are usually loose and bright colored.

It was originally worn by men but the girls are taking over big time! It was also originally a shirt or tunic, but as you’ll see there are so many more fun styles you can try out with the danshiki!

Check these styles out!

1. Make a Kimono


2. Rock a Danshiki Tunic with Leggings

Danshiki with leggings, Ankara Dnashiki

3. Go the traditional

Pink Danshiki


Chocolate and cream danshiki
white danshiki


blue danshiki



4. Do a Color-Block

color block danshiki

5. Short Dress


6. Pull along Skirt!


Which is your favorite look?

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