Curves & Brains! Peace Hyde Shows Us How to Be a Curvy Boss Lady

Peace Hyde is a Ghanaian/British power media personality who rules Africa’s media space with grace and ease.

Peace Hyde is a household name in Ghana- hosting some of the most successful shows on the country.

Way beyond that, influential journalist is also West Africa’s Correspondence to Forbes Africa. Peace Hydes holds a 1st class degree in psychology from Middlesex University. She also boasts of two master degrees- an MA in Communication and digital media and a Masters in Journalism from the London school of Journalism.

She is the founder of Aim Higher Africa, an education consultancy. Aim Higher, provides expertise in education systems and policies, efficiency management as well as introduces the use of information technology in the classroom.

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A simple interaction with her displays her brilliance. Peace is also one of the most beautiful women I have seen- she is curvy and knows how to dress up those curves! She is the go to for every woman with curves. Beauty and Brains, curves and power, Peace Hyde is an inspiration to every woman.

A look at some of her outfit gives you ideas on how to dress like a curvy boss lady.



Peace Hyde in White Dress "Friday Night"


Peace Hyde in Orange and Blue for her TV Show


Peace Hyde


Peace Hyde




Peace Hyde


peace hyde

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