Outfit Ideas for Church_ Collage

A woman should shine, a woman should sparkle, everyday- especially on a Sunday.


Its a beautiful Sunday morning- wondering what to wear to church?

Wonder no more! I found 7 outfit ideas that will inspire you! Even if you do not wear  them the way they are arranged, they  sure would give you some ideas!



1. Roses are Wine!

what to wear to church, outfit ideas, skirts
Outfit Idea 1

2.  Glide Like a Princess!

church outfit, pink gown, cape, purse, black sandal
Outfit Idea 2

3. It Was Fourth of July Last Week, so..  😉

Oufit idea to church, fourth of July
Outfit Idea 3


4. Polka Dots with Yellow and Red Lips?-Check!


Polka Dots oufit to church or office-anyone
Outfit Idea 4

5. Wear your Stripes Boldly!

Stripes church wear
Outfit Idea 5

6.  Pants Up!


Outfit Idea 6
Outfit Idea 6


What look does it for you?

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