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Walk-In Closets! These Celebrities’ Collection will Amaze You!

Walk-In Closets! These Celebrities' Collection will Amaze You!

Every girl wants a walk-in closet stocked with all the clothes, shoes and bags of our dreams! I also want to be able to like a picture on instagram and have it appear in my closet. Ah well, enough of the dreams!

Today, lets take a peek at  the closets 0f some celebrities.

1. Dencia

She , subtly, showed off her  shoe closet in these pictures- a selfie and a cute pic of these kids

Dencia's Shoe Closet

2. Kimora Lee

Kimora categorically says that she always want her closet to look like  a boutique. She is the former head of Baby Phat.

Kimora Lee's Shoe Closet

Kimora Lee’s Shoe Closet



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3. Christina Aguliera’s Shoe Closet

Two word- shockingly amazing!. And thats her son- Max

Christina Aguilera's Closet

Christina Aguilera’s Closet

4. Mariah Carey

This Mariah Carey’s Climate controled Shoe Closet!


Mariah's Shoe Closet (View One)

Mariah’s Shoe Closet (View One


Mariah Carey's Shoe Closet View Two

Mariah Carey’s Shoe Closet View Two


5. Khloe Kardashian:

She has a thing for Loubotins!

Khloe Kardashian's Shoe Closet!

Khloe Kardashian’s Shoe Closet!

It seems a lot of people are obsessed with  loubotins!



  1. Biki

    July 29, 2015 at 8:25 am

    So this is what success looks like??!! na wa o, na dem big O! But kudos to all of them- Work Hard and then Play Hard in your Walk In closets!

  2. Anu

    July 29, 2015 at 8:42 am

    I want to see Tonto Dike’s closet o and l Linda ikeji’s!

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