#braidsgang!: Ways to Style Braids by Stephanie Coker

Braids are versatile.When you have them on, you can achieve any look you want, it all depends on your creativity!

Stephanie Coker is a popular OAP & MTV Base Africa presenter. She is best known for her video request show ‘Street Request’. The 26 year old beauty is one braids lover .This love is not misplaced considering how  good she looks on them- way better than she does on weaves.

Lets look at seven ways she has rocked braids- hopefully you’ll get ideas!

1. Rock a Side-Bun



2.Make someone Green with Envy –Throw In Green Highlights

braids by Stephanie Coker


3. Not Into Green? Maybe a Little Gold

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stephanie Coker in braid


4. For A Little Swag- throw on a Bowler Hat!

braids on bowler hat


5. Try Burgundy Side-Swept Twists

side swept twists


6. Faux Locs Maybe?

stephanie Rocks on faux locs


7. Or Plain Old, Reliable Braids

stephanie Coker in braids



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