The Blue Lipstick is Gaining Grounds! Brown Out?

The Blue Lipstick is having a Moment. Is the brown lipstick on its way out?
For the most of the first three quarters of 2015 we’ve sworn by the brown lipstick. It has been the mayor of the town. It was cool. It was everything!
Well well , there is this color in town. Its rocked by the eclectic, stylish ladies looking to make a statement. It’s the blue lipstick. Before you say we leave it to white Kylie Jenner.
Take a moment to check out some of our own rocking this color!

This is Seyi Shay in blue lipstick

Seyi Shay in Blue Lipstick

A closer look

Seyi Shay in Blue Lipstick

This Eva Alordiah in Blue Lipstick

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Eva Alordiah in Blue Lipstick

A closer look

Eva in blue Lipstick

This is Danielle Okeke

Daniele Okeke in Blue Lipstick

And a purplish blue on make-up artist Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina in Blue Lipstick

So yes, any skin color can rock the blue lipstick.All you have to do is take these few things into consideration!

1. Find the right shade for your skin tone! Cooler blues with violet undertones look best on warmer shades of skin. If you want to go electric blue (like Seyi Shay), remember: The lighter your skin, the bigger the pop of color.
2. Blue lipstick pops! Keep the rest of your makeup simple, clean and fresh!
Lets look at other divas rocking the blue lipstick!

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Blue Lipstick on black woman



Blue Lipstick on African American





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  • Ng September 25, 2015 at 3:56 am

    Aspiring makeup artist. I av been to several makeup skls to learn and brush up my skills..I know I av lots to learn still..but igot fed up of d competition and struggle of the makeup industry. I really want to pick myself up from where I left but duno how to get clients base and I dunno where/who to intern for or in. Wat do u suggest cos I don’t wana waste d skill I’ve acquired. 🙁 xoxo

    • Diane September 25, 2015 at 6:51 am

      Hi Ng. I totally understand how you feel. I don’t know how skillful you are? If you not so much, then i think now is the time to sharpen your skills.In this time and age, you don’t necessarily have to be someone’s apprentice to perfect a skill. Learn from videos and practice, practice, practice even if its free of charge on friends and families.
      Now when your skills are perfected then start to align yourself with jobs that will help your profile.Work with stars even if it is for free, after a while it would start paying.
      You shouldn’t be afraid of competition. Its not about them.Its about you.What can you do? What can you bring to the table? You need to focus on yourself and give it all you got- if you make-up is what you really want to do.

      Also look at what other people who have succeeded did and learn from them.

      Success is not easy, but its worth it.