Are You Beach Ready?! How to Rock a Bikini Without Showing Too Much!


A lot of Nigerian ladies don’t like wearing bikinis to the beach. There are several reasons for this- sometimes, we are too self-conscious and don’t feel comfortable showing off our body. Other times, you look around at what other people are wearing to the beach (all clothed up) and you are not sure if you want to be the odd one out- showing off all that skin.

Nonetheless, there are times when you want to let your clothes down, wear a bikini, soak in the cool breeze of beach and just be alive.

O! So I’ll show you tricks on how to balance it out nicely. So you don’t show off too much skin or turn out too covered up for the occasion.

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1. Try a One-Piece:

One piece swimming suits give you more coverage that a two piece would. You can opt for the bare back variety of go for more coverage. Whichever the case one-pieces can be hot and sexy too!- Take a cue from hot mama Bonang Matheba! 😉 She rocks a super-sexy with pine-apple designs around the stomach area. This swim-suit is by Andrea Iyamah.


Bonanag Matheba wearing a swimsuit
Bonang Matheba


2. Try a high-waist two piece:

This is perfect  for when you want to conceal your stomach or simple want a flat fine finishing in your mid-riff. These can be sexy too-sometimes the magic in the details. Take a look at this one won by @sikaosei-the lace detailing and colour totally makes it pop!

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You can try it too. This bikini is from a kamokini line!


bikin outfit ideas, besch outfit ideas


3. Throw a Netty  Kimono Over the Bikini:

Kimonos are also a perfect way to cover up at beach- especially when you are out of the water.Whats more, it also shields you from the sun. The net material , however, lets in air whilst giving you coverage! @sohosister does it perfectly!


bikini ideas for the beach, outfit ideas for the beach


4. Try Out a Crotchet Top

This offers some coverage for the top area- especial when you don’t want attention up there 😉

crochet top on bikini outfit


5. Try a Cape:

Bonang  Matheba rocks a long-sleeved, short cape with her bikini- creating a impression of modesty whilst still showing off that sexy body!

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bikini beach wear


6. If all fails though, you can wear a dress!

Oluchi Orlandi looks great in that!




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