Asa means Hawk.

Asa’s real name is Bukola Elemide. She was born in Paris but relocated to Nigeria with her family.
asa female musician

Her first album “Asa” shot her to limelight and she has remained in that light since.

Her second album, Beautiful Imperfection, was released on 25 October 2010. .The lead song- “Be My Man” immediately topped the charts, enjoying airplay on stations round the world.

She has grown in leaps and bounds. Each song she releases takes us to a depth we never knew and articulating feeling we knew were in our sub-conscious but have never been able to explain.1-compressed

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Her style of music is unique, untouched by the myriad of loud music now the norm in the Nigerian music scene.

Her sense of style is as timeless and beautiful as her music.Asa Nigerian Musician

She is a blessing to Nigerians (with taste) and an inspiration to women.

Asa is a woman who rules the World’s music scene.


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  1. ASA is just the best. I love her music and fashion sense.
    I equate her to Don Williams!
    She’s a real gift to the black race…

    So she was actually born in France… Wow.

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