About Us

The Plushist is a movement for the fashionable, classy and strong African lady.

We call her The Plushist.

She is fashionable, stylish and classy.

She is also more than the beauty and the looks – she is strong, hardworking and is an achiever.

That’s about us in summary but in the articles, tips and gists we’ll be sharing, we promise that you’ll be learning and knowing more about us “The Plushist”…

We therefore seek to celebrate and meet the needs of The Plushist.

Every day you get to enjoy tips on fashion, style and many other exciting sides of life!

Join the movement! Be a Plushist!

Send all Inquiries to hello [at] theplushist.com. or drop us a mail from our contact us page.

The Plushist is a product of Giga Lagos Digitals, a digital marketing and media agency focused on doing awesome marketing.

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