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6 Ways to Wear Comfort & Style

6 Ways to Wear Comfort & Style

Fashion can be pain. Sometimes it is hard to come up with the right outfit . Picking the right one can be exhausting but the truth is, you can look stylish without stressing.

bowler hat jeans smart casual
With these pieces, there are a million ways to feel comfortable and still end up looking stylish. Acquaint yourself with these stylish options – they’ll come in handy when you are not in the mood to go all out with your outfit.
1. Shift Dresses:

shift dresses

Sandeyero of the fashion engineer

If you feel the need to just throw something on, nice and easy, this is your best answer. Whether you are going for a date or stressing  on what to wear for casual Friday, casual dresses come in really handy.Pair them stylish sneakers, court shoes or low block heels sandals.
2. Palazzo Pants:

Palazo pant rita dominc

Rita Dominic

This is my personal favourite. They are completely chic, very comfortable and the fashionable choice for a comfy yet stylish day. They are loose and flowy, a better option than maxi dresses
My favourite part about this look is the fact that they can go with almost anything. Wear them for movie hang outs, tailored pants for work or even a date. Pair with a variety of tops ranging from lace to crop tops, leather jackets and a mirage of other options.

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3. Low block heels:

Low-heeled Sandals

Low-heeled Sandals

This has to be the best thing that has ever happened to shoe lovers!They do not hurt, are super comfy yet give you a stylish look.
4. Jeans:

Genieve Nnaji

Jeans are ultimate comfort wears. You can have a blast wearing it in different looks. It doesn’t have to be a random T-shirt and boring jeans. Try different types of jeans- from stone washed to distressed jeans!

5. Ponchos:

Rihanna in Grey Poncho

Rihanna in Grey Poncho

Worry no more! Just thrown on a poncho, you do not have to think of it, literally throw it on, pair with shorts or jeans, slippers, sandals or sneakers and you are out the door. They are perfect for when you want to spice up your winter look and ditch the conventional Cardigan. Life could not have possibly been easier.
6. Espadrilles:

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6 Ways to Wear Comfort & Style

You do not have to wear sneakers, these are a better alternative. They are super comfy, very easy to throw on and of course we live in an era where skirts can be work with sneakers so why not replace that look with Espadrilles?

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