Day two is here! In day one we talked about the style tips for work. Today, let’s do style tips for the red carpet

  1. Red carpet events could range from cocktail to black tie, to white tie events, Always make sure you know what kind of event it is in order to dress appropriately.
  2. For cocktail events, cocktail dresses/outfits are accepted here; aim for dress hemlines that touch your knee and pant hemlines that touch your calves, ankles or below.
  3. For black tie events, hemlines should touch your calves and ankles and not above
  4. White tie is the most formal of the three, evening dresses are best suited for this type of event ad all hemlines should go below you ankles.
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Bonang Matheba
Bonang Matheba


lola oj
lola oj


Sylvia Nduka1
Sylvia Nduka

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