There are many reasons the natural hair journey can sometimes be frustrating. Too much frizz, breakage, dry dull curls, etc. Thankfully, there’s always a natural hair product to be the hero and save the day.

However, there are many products on the shelves these days, screaming at your pocket to go broke before pay day.

How do you decide what are the essentials? And how can you find one that affordable and fits perfectly in your budget.

In this post, I have compiled a list of the essential natural hair items and some of the most affordable brands available.

Cheap Essential

Organic Shampoo

Every hair needs a wash day to soak in water and healthy cleansers, then bounce to life fresh shiny. For Wash day, you need a shampoo. The best natural hair shampoos are made of organic ingredients. If they are not they are unhealthy for your hair. They weaken your strands by stripping them of moisture and essential oils. These natural hair shampoos are a perfect choice for your natural hair routine.

Deep Conditioner

Deep conditioning is non-negotiable for your natural hair. Your hair needs regular revitalizing, to strengthen your strands, protect them, and manage its texture. Deep Conditioning infuses oil and moisture to your hair, giving it body sheen and softness. A deep conditioner is usually made of natural oils and naturally moisturizing ingredients. You can find these three conditioners locally for a decent price.

  • Mamiya Organics
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Natural Oils

Oils are very essential for her healthy hair. It’s not something that should be missing from your hair products list. Natural oils prevent breakage, enriches your scalp and gives your hair sheen. With one of these natural products, you can relax and watch your hair smile.

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Leave-in-Conditioner / Butter

A Leave-in-Conditioner has its special use from that of a deep conditioner. After deep conditioning, you wash off products from your hair, however, a leave-in or a hair butter keeps your hair moisturized and nourished for the rest of the day after the deep conditioning is off.

  • Dark and Lovely Shea Butter Leave-In
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  • Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In
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Styling Gel

For easy styling, a styling gel a perfect addition to your natural hair kit. Styling gels hold your hair down in place and get rid of frizz. The perfect styling gel for natural hair must be friendly, contain protein or natural oils. Other non-organic products will leave your hair damaged and dehydrated. This is why I recommended the following.

  • Eco Styling Gel
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Edge Control

Edge Control takes care of your baby hairs. It gives your hair all the sleek, it needs to stay glam. If you’re a lover of buns and afro puffs, you need this natural hair product in your kit.

  • ORS Edge Control
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  • Mamiya Organics Edge Control
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